Tuesday, October 24, 2006

HeartMath Freeze-Framer 2.0 USB

The Freeze-Framer® is an innovative and easy-to-use biofeedback system that guides you to achieve higher, more creative energy levels, less stress, and optimal health. With the simple fingertip pulse sensor that plugs into the USB port of your computer, you can watch in real time how thoughts and emotions affect your heart and autonomic nervous system.

This is the Health Professional Package that includes everything you need to use the Freeze-Framer with your clients. Includes a 25 pack of Client Education brochures, the Health Professional Guide for using the Freeze Framer technology, and a Practitioners Guide - Applications of the Freeze-Framer Interactive Learning System.

More Coherence = Less Stress

Using the HeartMath coherence-building techniques, taught in an included tutorial, you will learn how to intentionally shift to a positive emotional state. The changes to your heart rhythms can be seen immediately on your computer screen.

HeartMath research has shown that emotions are reflected in our heart rhythm patterns. The analysis of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), or heart rhythms, is recognized as a powerful, non-invasive measure that reflects heart-brain interactions and autonomic nervous system dynamics, which are particularly sensitive to changes in the emotional state. The Freeze-Framer heart rhythm monitor was developed to help people recover more quickly from health challenges and prevent, manage and reverse the negative effects of stress.

Simply said, The Freeze-Framer teaches you how to get your head and heart in sync.

Using the Freeze-Framer

The Software:

  • Several ways to display and analyze your heart rhythms and other data in real time.
  • Three fun, on-screen games that reinforce your emotional management skills.
  • Training in the Quick Coherence technique.

  • The Hardware: A rugged and reliable finger sensor continuously monitors your pulse and sends the information to the computer.

    Easy to Use: The information is then interpreted and displayed on the screen as a real-time graph of your pulse wave, changing heart rhythms (HRV) and coherence level.

    See Your Heart Rhythms Change: As you learn to get in sync, you will see your heart rhythms become less jagged and irregular - eventually looking like a smooth, harmonious wave. The program analyzes your results to give you an accumulated coherence score and a target to work towards called 'The Zone'

    The Freeze-Framer includes three fun, colorful games that are designed to support you in learning and practicing the Quick Coherence technique.

    The games offer an entertaining way for people of any age to master their own physiology, boost learning and performance, and improve their focus, attention, and emotional balance.

    Review your Sessions: Each session can be saved, reviewed and printed to see your progress in generating increased physiological balance and heart/brain synchronization. This mode of the Freeze-Framer can accommodate separate, individual files, making it useful in both single and multiple user environments. Ideal for clinicians and their clients.

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