Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mind Modulations Light & Sound Biofeedback Package

The ThoughtStream measures the tiny changes in your skin resistance values associated with shifts in your mood, mental state and level of arousal.

The Proteus uses specially patterned sequences of sound pulses and multicolored light pulses to alter your brain wave activity.

When used together, these two devices give you the power of biofeedback rarely found even in clinical models costing thousands. Any aspect of a Proteus light & sound session can be used by the ThoughtStream as feedback. Fourteen professionally programmed light & sound biofeedback sessions are included. Custom light & sound biofeedback sessions can be designed using the Proteus Editor software. The software makes it easy to design new sessions or to create your own variations of preset sessions. The possibilities are endless.

Perfect for visualization, relaxation, meditation, energizing, exploring altered states of consciousness, energizing, and more - this type of biofeedback is especially beneficial for helping learn how to relax while consciously producing a focused state. Be one of the first to experiment with this exciting new technology.