Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mind Modulations Sirius Light & Sound Mind Machine

The Mind Modulations Sirius is the best value in light/sound mind machines available today. An ideal system due to its low price and rich set of features. The Sirius includes NEW PureWhite white-light LiteFrames, for enhanced visuals. A Sirius experience results from the machine gently guiding you into different mental states by stimulating your senses using special patterns of synchronized light and sound. Extraordinary kaleidoscopic patterns are seen behind your closed eyelids that dance with thick washes and pulses of sound. The special combination of flickering color and sound pulses creating these incredibly beautiful visuals are also making changes to your mental state. Your stress from the day is lost as your thoughts change while immersing yourself in this sensory experience. You feel different and very relaxed because your brain is producing more theta waves and alpha waves, found during meditation and deep relaxation, and less beta waves, what we have during our busy thinking throughout the day. The Sirius has a wide range of uses because of its many beneficial effects, much like years of meditation practice. Most people who purchase the Sirius use it for its profound relaxation effects and for entertainment use because of the fantastic visual display. It is also used for self-improvement purposes (Self-Help Tapes & CDs can be fed into a session with included cable), consciousness exploration, getting to sleep, lucid dreaming, controlling habitual behavior, and accelerated learning.