Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mind Modulations Thoughtstream GSR Biofeedback Device & Game

Personal Biofeedback you can use at home. The ThoughtStream is the world's first complete personal biofeedback training system. Biofeedback allows you to see, feel or hear mind/body processes that we normally aren't consciously aware of or able to voluntarily control. It has long been accepted as one of the most effective tools available for stress control and other personal growth benefits. In the past, biofeedback was something only available by visiting a professional with hourly rates or by purchasing very expensive clinical models. The ThoughtStream is a galvonic skin response GSR biofeedback training system that you can use at home. The stress we experience at home and at work has a large impact on our well-being, but our normal methods of responding to stressful events are habits that can be changed after we become more aware of them. Learning to fully relax while under pressure can have a profoundly beneficial influence on all aspects of life. The Thoughtstream can give you a new level of self-understanding when your responses are seen or heard as they happen.