Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Inner Tube Biofeedback Game for the Wild Divine LightStone

The Inner Tube Biofeedback Game uses your thoughts and feelings to control a ship through a 3D environment. The software uses heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV) and galvonic skin response (GSR) to control the ship's speed and to alter the in-game environment.

The Inner Tube includes 20 tunnel levels that vary in difficulty. Your object is to race through the tunnels as quickly as possible. Your biofeedback measurements are used to control the ship's speed, the transparency of the tunnel, the visibility of the sky, the autopilot skill, the music volume, the reflectivity of the ship and more. A helpful line graph on the bottom of the screen displays your biofeedback readings as you progress through the game. Navigation can be on autopilot or it can be controlled with a keyboard or joystick.